Don't be left out in the cold!  

Preventative Maintenance Program

To ensure a trouble-free winter season, fleet operations must once again review fuel specification and maintenance procedures for their bulk storage tanks and equipment.  Addressing these areas of concern can go a long way to make sure your equipment and people don't get left out in the cold.

Know your fuel's cold weather characteristics, as measured by cloud and cold filter plug point (CFPP).  Not all fuels have the same cold weather performances and often during cold weather, the cheapest fuel is priced that way due to its poor cold weather qualities.  Blending with #1 diesel fuel may only be part of the solution.  Some fuels see little cold weather improvement after blending with #1 fuel.

Consider an additized fuel such as Avalon's Premium Diesel or Premium Diesel 45 (45 cetane) additized fuel.  While blending the fuel with #1 will improve the cloud and cold filter plug points, additives can lower the CFPP at a lower treat cost and help with fuel icing.  Avalon's Premium Winter Diesel Package combines an Antigel, Heavy Wax Crystal Modifier, Antisettling Agent and Non-Alcohol Deicer.

Avalon can verify your product quality with regular fuel analysis that will check the fuel's Cold Filter Plug Point, Cloud Point, Water Content and other components that ensure trouble free winter operations.

Inspection of your above or below ground tanks.  Storage tanks are subject to temperature swings that can produce condensation.  Above ground tanks are especially vulnerable.  The tanks should be bottom sampled, checked for water through visual and paste testing, have water and sediment removed, and have all fill caps and vents inspected to prevent water entrance.

Inspect your equipment tanks.  In the fall, inspect your equipment fuel tanks to ensure no water has accumulated.  This should be done on a warm day so the water is not frozen; the equipment should be left standing before inspection so the free water settles to the bottom. Drain the tank bottom until the fuel is cleaner or its normal color.

Change equipment and bulk tank fuel filtersA dirty Fuel filter will clog with wax or ice particles long before a clean one.

Finally, Avalon Petroleum can help with any question, equipment and analysis you may have this fall.  The best cold weather fuel program combines quality fuel sources, a multi-functional premium additive package, fuel tank housekeeping, and fleet preventative maintenance programs.