Avalon Unit Fill Program


Avalon can directly fuel your equipment via our Unit Fill Program.

Avalon provides this service through various truck fleets in the Chicago metropolitan area, as well as northern Indiana and southern Wisconsin.

Avalon uses a driver/helper team that are experienced in unit fill. The team will learn your fleet schedule and layout in order to safely and efficiently fuel your fleet.

Avalon operates specially equipped trucks with hydraulic pumping units and 50 foot product hoses. We have provided this service for some time, and have made investments in personnel and trucks for the highest quality work.

Avalon provides a fuel delivery ticket and detail worksheet that lists unit numbers, cumulative gallons, and individual gallons dispensed. We also provide a sequential-numbered stamped meter ticket for your records.

Avalon offers this program so that your equipment is fueled and ready to go the next morning, with no driver downtime or yard congestion. Your employees are then available for your own customers.

Avalon makes adjustments to the fuel during winter months, when the fuel is additized and blended to avoid any weather related problems. Fuel additives and blends can be tailored to your fleetís operating needs.

Avalon Petroleum is licensed with the Illinois State Fire Marshall as a Mobile Refueling Contractor, and offers unit fill services in any delivery size.

Please contact us at 877-2AVALON to design a Unit Fill Program for your organization.