Dear Marina Operator,

With the onset of Spring, now is the time to establish your marine marketing and fuel supply program for the year 2006 boating season.  Avalon petroleum has supplied over 100 Midwest marinas over the years, and is a certified Valvtect Distributor.

AVALON offers only major brand gasolines and diesel fuel delivered direct from the terminal source for a total fuel quality.  Fuel deliveries are available 24 hours a day, seven says a week by a company owned delivery fleet to ensure no product outages.

AVALON offers the Valvtect Marine Fuel Program, including Valvtect Octane Performance Improver (OPI) additive for gasoline and the premium diesel program for diesel fuel.  These products will differentiate your site from others, and offer a value-added approach for your customers.  The Valvtect Marine Fuel Program entitles you to free pump toppers, point of purchase displays and brochures, signage, customer rebates, and free advertising in regional boating magazines.  Please refer to the Valvtect materials and contact us to register as a Certified Valvtect Marina.  This entitles you to a listing in local boating magazines and free Valvtect materials.

AVALON offers a complete service program, including tank and pump installations and repair, tank bottom sampling and cleaning, fuel analysis and labs, and parts replacement.  We stock and install hoses, nozzles, filters, fill caps, cover plates, water detection paste, and every other part you need.  Our service technicians are available 24/7 for your site.

AVALON offers an equipment supply program, including the above ground fuel tanks, pumps, hosereels, and other state approved installations.  We can arrange for the contracting, financing, and all setup to provide a turnkey system for your organization.

AVALON offers a complete EXXON lubricant line of motor oils, greases, and other items your customers need.  We can provide point of purchase and promotional materials as well.

Please allow us to custom design a Marine Fuel Supply Program for your organization, and to inspect and repair your existing equipment and programs before the season begins.  I can be reached at 877-2AVALON to answer any questions or arrange for a site visit.  We look forward to serving your organization.


William L. Katzenberger

Vice President of Sales.