Generator Fill Program

Avalon has designed a complete supply and maintenance program for generators. Generator fueling presents a unique set of challenges, including extended fuel storage periods and fuel degradation. Avalon addresses these challenges in several ways:

The Fuel

Avalon provides only major brand diesel fuel direct from the supply terminal. The fuel is regularly tested to meet or exceed ASTM specifications.

The Additive

Avalon uses a multi functional additive specifically designed for fuel with extended storage periods. This additive will greatly improve fuel performance and shelf life under the most demanding circumstances.

Generator fuel is stored for extended periods, sometimes years at a time. While fuel does have a limited shelf life, additives can greatly improve the operating performance of generator fuel. Additive components include the following:

Stabilizers will prevent fuel degradation such as formation of insolubles and sludge. The insolubles can clog fuel filters and injectors. This additive will prevent their formation and lengthen the shelf life of the fuel.

Demulsfiers will separate the water inherent in all fuel to avoid corrosion, sludge, filter plugging, and icing in winter.

Dispersants will disperse a controlled amount of water into the engine to keep the fuel dry.

Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors will protect the engine components and tanks from corrosion.

The Service

Avalon will bottom sample the fuel storage tank, and remove any water or sludge as needed. We have the employees and equipment to perform this service, and can provide free fuel lab analyses as well. Our service technicians are well versed in trouble shooting fuel related problems. We can provide this service automatically on a predetermined schedule, or on a will call basis.

Avalon operates a large fuel supply fleet with a 24/7 dispatch function. Our drivers are experienced and understand the important nature of fuel supply to a generator. Our service area includes a 100 mile radius of the Chicago area, including southern Wisconsin and northern Indiana.

Please contact us at 877-2AVALON to have a specific program designed for your organization.