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Above Ground Storage Tanks

        Above ground fuel storage is on the rise.  Above ground tanks offer the same benefits as in ground tanks, such as control over fuel inventories and convenience of on site fueling versus an off site retail location.  Above ground tanks are less expensive and offer flexibility in terms of tank placement and capacity.  Finally, the tanks may be moved if your firm relocates.

        Single or double-walled above ground fuel tanks from 500 to 10,000 gallons are available, with or without containment dikes.  Pumps and dispensing equipment are matched to your firms fueling needs to ensure quick fueling and no down time.  A meter and totalizer enable you to account for all gallons dispensed, and maintain proper fuel records for your fleet.  New EPA regulations require additional fuel tankage to store both high and low sulfur diesel fuel.  Above ground tanks can be used to avoid filing for fuel tax refunds.

        The tank packages are available for sale or lease with or without the option to purchase.  This new fuel storage equipment coupled with the Avalon Keep-Fill system ensures quality fuel, equipment, and service at all times.

        A typical above ground storage system includes a 1,500 gallon tank with containment dike, 110V high speed pump equipped with meter and totalizer, and 20 foot hose with nozzle.