Diesel Fuel Additive Programs

Avalon offers a complete additive program with multiple manufacturers. We can design an additive program for your fleet, based on your operating requirements and service area. 


Premium Diesel Programs

Avalon starts with a quality major brand diesel fuel delivered directly from the fuel terminal. We then use an additive package to improve the fuel performance. These packages contain some or all of the following components:

Detergents to keep fuel injectors clean

Stabilizers to prevent fuel degradation

Lubricity enhancers to reduce fuel pump and injector wear

Corrosion inhibitors to protect metal surfaces

Defoamers to reduce fuel spillage and waste

Antigels to inhibit fuel waxing and gelling

Non alcohol deicers to eliminate fuel icing

Biocides to reduce microorganism growth in warm weather

Cetane enhancers to increase fuel mileage, help cold weather starts, and reduce smoking

Avalon also provides services and information regarding proper housekeeping, i.e. checking fuel tank bottoms for sediments or water, and periodically testing fuel performance. We have the service personnel and equipment to monitor your fuel quality and fuel handling procedures.

Avalon offers a turn key program for Premium Diesel Fuel, including major brand product, additive technology, and service follow up.


Marine Fuel Programs

Avalon offers a comprehensive program for marine grade gasoline and diesel fuel. Click here to review the program in detail.


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